The Indoor Track Team had a Great Start to Their Season!

The indoor track season season started on Tuesday December 2 and the team just had their first four meets over the holiday break. The team competed in the Small School Winter Festival on Saturday December 21, Boston Holiday Challenge on Saturday December 27, MSTCA Speed Classic Sunday on Sunday December 28 and finally the Small School Freshman-Sophomore meet on Saturday January 3. All of these meets were held in the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center in Boston.

The meets over break, despite being early into the season, have had some strong performances. Head Indoor Track Coach Nolan McKinnon commented on this “[The] performances [of the athletes] are better than they were last year as a whole, at this point in time. I feel like the practices considering we have no indoor track, are going as well as can be expected.”

Junior Jack Panneton commented “I think the team did well. I know there’s some strong performances going on. I also think the team has a lot they can improve on. Which is good because it’s only half way through the season.”

Senior Melissa Morris  “I got a time that was similar to last years, which I was happy about because I’ve been dealing with injuries for the first two weeks of the season. Then the meet after that I took almost a second off my time.”

Sophomore Maria Frey ran her first 600 meter race ever and found out that listening to her coach really helps her. “I’m really proud [of] how that turned out. For almost the first time in my track career I listened to my coach and I did pretty well because of it.”

Sophomore Calvin Lee also ran a 600 meter race for the first time and performed well. “I did a 600, It was pretty good, it was my first 600 ever. I ended up doing pretty good for my first indoor track meet.”

At the Small School Winter Festival, Paneton, Sophomore Victor Silva and Sophomore Nicholas Passarelli ran the 1000 meter race. It was Passarelli’s and Panneton first time. Passarelli ended up improving in it later in the week at the Boston Holiday Challenge Meet and qualifying for the state meet.

 At the Winter Festival Meet, Senior Marc Printz qualified for states in the mile. “It went pretty well, I was a little nervous. I especially didn’t want to be at the meet so it was nice to qualify despite not really having the drive.”

He also almost got a personal best which is impressive considering it was the first meet of the season. “I did not PR [personal record], but I was about one second off of my current PR, which is also the school record. I was close and it was really encouraging because I was only one second off and it was the first meet of the season. I’m hopeful for the coming weeks.”

Senior Nicholas Scarsdale also qualified for states in the 300 meter and 600 meter races. “I ran a ⅓ of a second off my time [his personal best] in the 300 and a second and a bit off the 600, which coming off injury wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t really the times I was looking for, but hopefully the season will get better as opposed to me being injured and it getting worse.”

In the Freshman Sophomore meet Sophomore, Sarah Mayotte ran a really nice race, getting an 9 second PR in the mile.  She said “It’s been a great season so far, it’s my first time competing in indoor track and I’ve been really happy with my performances. I can really see my work in and out of practice paying off.”

Over all the team’s doing well and are on the road to success.

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