Sophia Dauwer’s Slam Poetry

Sophia Dauwer performs her poem (Video by Josie Brody)

This poem by Sophomore Sophia Dauwer was really a chance for her to vent. She finds it’s a lot easier to express herself through poetry. “You can get emotional and you can be as rude as you want, as nice as you want, as stupid as you want, and it’s just in writing and no one has to hear it… It’s great,” she said.

Dauwer was a key component of the 2014-2015 Slam Poetry choice block.

This video is of her practicing her poem for last year’s ‘Louder Than a Bomb” competition. For her, Slam Poetry Choice Block was a safe space. She got to know other students with whom she was able to share and know that they wouldn’t be judgemental or unkind.

“I’m a poet. That’s the best thing about me,” she announced proudly.

She is also a cellist, an avid reader, and of course, an IACS sophomore; but her writing is where she can feel free to be emotional, and know that it will make for a meaningful poem.

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