The Girl’s Soccer Season So Far

So far the Lady Hawks have had a good season.

The beginning of their season started with their first game on Tuesday, September 8. They came out strong, winning the first game 4-3. This was a big success because the other team, Greater Lowell Technical High School (GLTHS), was very violent. It was an aggressive battle, causing many players on both teams fall to the ground multiple times throughout the game. IACS was losing pretty badly in the the first half, with a score of 3-0, GLTHS. At the final part of the second half the Lady Hawks came back scoring enough points to allow them to win.

Unfortunately, they did not come back with more wins in the next few games that they played. The Lady Hawks lost their 2nd, 3rd and 4th games due to poor communication, bad passes, and imperfect defending strategies.

The second game, against Notre Dame Academy, was also very aggressive, resulting in two of the players: Junior Maria Frey and Junior Bianca Trujillo both getting injured. Ironically, they both injured their right ankles due to the same player. This caused both of them to be out for the next few games. After missing four games due to injuries, they’re back in the game. Before, the team had been getting pretty down on themselves due to all the losses. This lead to having low energy during practices.

Finally, during their fifth game, their hope was restored and IACS Girls Soccer took home a victory. They not only won, but the coach commented on the game saying that it was one of the best games he had seen since he had been coaching. This is due to the team fixing their passes, communicating better, and defending the way they learned in practice that week. They really played as a team that game and everyone played great. They also implemented what they had learned in practice that week during the game, helping them win.

This game started a winning streak. The girls won the next three games. Lady Hawks won three games in a row in the past week against; Marian High School, NDA, and Nashoba Valley Technical High School. They won against Notre Dame Academy (NDA), who was a huge challenge for them to play! Last time they lost against NDA, but this time they had a great comeback and won.

Check out to see how they do on their arising games. Let’s see if they keep their winning streak or go back to their old ways. Also say congratulations to the newly deemed captains of the team; Senior, Chloe Macintosh, Junior, Jennifer Shultz and Junior, Maria Frey. Good Luck Hawks!

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