Big Plans for Lecture Hall Live

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Lecture Hall Live is back again this year and plans to be bigger than ever. For those who aren’t aware, Lecture Hall Live (LHL) was a live performance held every so often in the high school auditorium last year. It featured school announcements, videos, and skits all put into a half-hour block. Now in the show’s second year, fans are curious as to what, if anything, is going to be different about LHL in the 2015-2016 school year.

There’s going to be some major additions coming to Lecture Hall Live this year. The people behind the scenes of LHL want to run the show as more of a communications department. They want to have a lineup of original programming that they will broadcast both online and during morning announcements. One of their planned upcoming shows is called “Good Morning IACS,” which you can view the trailer for on YouTube. Despite their larger focus on broadcasting, they will still be having the live shows. They already have a show scheduled for sometime at the end of the trimester, but nothing else has been revealed in order to keep it a “special surprise.”

The people who work behind LHL are able to work on their broadcasts thanks to the Lecture Hall Live choice block, held every Friday. Here the students can film, direct and act in their own video productions. They can also edit their work and add in special effects during post-production. The students are even able to use a green screen, which can be expected to be heavily used throughout the year.

Students can also the the choice block for providing more time to write scripts. The scripts are not just for the films, but also for the live performances. Last year, the timeslots for writing scripts for the shows were very limited. “We’d kinda meet up in the Innovator room and we’d briefly go over what we’d want to do. Then in that same night or couple nights after, we crammed together a script and we threw as many bad jokes in their as we [could] and that’s how we made it,” said Jeffery Taylor, who worked on Lecture Hall Live throughout last year. “Now with [the] choice block, we have a lot more room to schedule things out and give a lot of other kids the opportunity to do stuff as well.”

Lecture Hall Live’s broadcasts should be coming out sometime within the next few weeks. Between the new series of programing to the returning live shows, there’s a lot to be excited about for the upcoming school year. The students working on their projects know there’s a lot of expectations for them, but they remain confident and believe they’ll be able to pull it off this year. Keep an eye out for any of their broadcasts during the next few morning announcements or be sure to catch them online.

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