Co-President Interviews

Editor’s Note: These interviews were done pre-election to see what our candidates were hoping to do if elected.

Luke Sheehan: Co-President

Q: Why do you want to be student president?
A: Because student government hasn’t done anything in forever. [There were] some changes last year: microwaves and vending machines and dress code changes. Other than that, nothing is new. [They’re] dumped with a bunch of unimportant for staff work like dances, and fundraisers, which is unfortunate.

Q: What is your goal for if you become the student Co-president?
A:Step 1 – lots of ideas about the student bill of rights, Innovation Academy Charter School would not be the first school to do something like that. Given all rights to vote for student president. give student government more responsibility.

Q: How do you plan on achieving this goal?
A:I would first make a strong co resident, preferably senior Jake V. Want’s to get on board with everyone and figure out what he needs to do/get to get these things don’t. If something needs to change, go one step higher, this is a theory that has always worked for Luke.

Q: Do you have any specific promises that you would like to make for the school if you become the student co-president?
A: None specifically, nine out of ten people make these promises to win a vote, seems silly to me. People say these things to get elected. Not focusing on tangible and physical goals for the school.

Q: What is your background in the field of leadership and being in charge?
A: Got into NHS last season. Was in student government for a little while, which helps. Boyscout for a couple of years, dropped because of track and school. Planned the semi-formal 2 years back for the school in spring of 2014.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say to people at the school?
A: it’s time the students voted for someone who remembers why they are there.

Jennifer Shultz:Co-President

Q:Why do you want to be co-president?
A: I wanna add fun events

Q: What is your goal if you become the student co-president?
A: To have successful spirit week, raise money for other group/class events, and to pep rally

Q: Do you have a plan for what they year ahead might look like for us?
A: Monopolize the student government, split work up evenly, be persistent with higher powers, adults. And then to ask new questions and find loopholes to make things happen that couldn’t happen before, and to put effort into things.

Q: Do you have any specific promises for the people at the school?
A: Work hard and make sure that things get don’t, and make sure that all people have a say, and prom, and to make sure that student government is made public what they are really doing.

Q: Do you have any background in the field of leadership or being in charge?
A: Event planning, group leader/team leader, and being in the student government in the last semester, and fundraising.

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