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Student Government Changes

There had been a lot of buzz about what’s happening this year in electing the co-presidents for Student Government.

In the past, Student Government has allowed everyone in the high school to vote for the two candidates they want for co-president. This year because of the new schedule, it was thought hard to find a time for an all school assembly to hear candidate’s speeches. Student Government was thinking because of this it might be easier just to have the election in Student Government itself, only allowing people in that choice block to vote for the co-presidents.

A lot of people disagreed with this, including people in Student Government. They finally figured out a solution. On Wednesday, September 23, during advisory at the end of the day students got to see the candidate’s speeches and vote.

All the candidates were required to videotape their speech in two minutes. In advisory on Wednesday students watched a video of all the speeches compiled together and were able to select the two people they want for president 2015! Say congrats to Jennifer Shultz and Luke Sheehan as they won the election for co-presidents.

Student Government has decided to change a few things up this year. The first being that Ms. Barnes is going to co lead the choice block with Mr. Rosania (the person who formerly lead it on his own).

They also are changing what positions the students have. They have always had the co-presidents. Formerly they also had two class representatives in every grade that were voted on by the student body. Now they are “internally elect[ing] one senator per grade. The four senators will help the co-presidents meet the demands of a busier school year”, says Peter Rosania, the co-advisor of Student Government. Everyone in Student Government is considered a Student Representative this year.

Student Government is going to try to bring you more fun. They “hope to run more events (e.g., the Talent Show, Game-and-Movie Nights) and continue to work toward goals proposed by the growing student population. We plan to continue running successful dances, including the prom. We have also scheduled the first IACS Talent Show for December 17, alongside one Game-and-Movie Night (the first is this Friday, September 25!) per semester” said Rosania.

Finally, they are going to try to truly be the voice of the students “We are always looking to improve ourselves as the organization that listens to, and acts on, the suggestions and complaints of the student body. We have already begun discussing certain concerns, although at this very early stage I do not have details on which bigger-picture issues we will prioritize” said Rosania.


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