High School Volleyball team poses. Photo by Michael Crane

Volleyball at IACS Starts Strong

Bump, pass set, score, IACS has welcomed a new volleyball team to the list of fall sports.

The 2015 IACS Volleyball Team
Captain Ashley Scolastico
Co-Captain Alyx Dunn
Libero Sophia Crowley
Player Kaylin Donoghue
Player Marisa Fertitta
Player Evelyn Sourn
Player Kassidy Yin
Player Devin West

Freshman, Marisa Fertitta, one of the players on the team, was the one who asked Mr. Mckinnon to create the team. Fertita was asked why and she responded, “Because I played in middle school and we didn’t have a high school team so I was like ‘Hey McKinnon, we should totally have a high school volleyball team!’”.

With two games already played, one win and one loss, they’re off to a pretty good start.

The team’s first game was at Whittier Tech in Haverhill, MA, against the Junior Varsity (JV) team, losing 29-27, best two out of three.

Their second game was located in Marlborough, MA at the Advanced Math and Science

Academy (AMSA), against their team, the Eagles, who are also a JV level team. They won, best 3 out of 5, with an average score of 25-16.

Practices for the volleyball team have been enjoyable and the improvement of players have been significant.

The team has been working very hard, with practices on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

There has already been a good start for the volleyball team with 3 weeks into the season, so hopefully the rest of the volleyball season finishes off great!

Thanks to Marisa, IACS now has another team for us to cheer on. GO HAWKS!

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