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New Lunch Schedule Gossip

The new lunch schedule has gotten people all around the school talking, some bad and some good.


When the new school day layout was released, the students went crazy about it, letting everyone else know how frustrated with it they were. Looking on social media is not enough to really learn about how the students felt about the new change. When students got their schedules during August, many of them posted pictures of them to share with all of their friends. Taking a walk through the halls during long pass at the start of the year would have helped realize what students really thought about all of it. Collectively, some interesting information was revealed. The trend is that the older students get, the more they dislike the new daily layout because of their dislike to change. Most of the freshman are really liking the schedule switch up, viewing it as more of an experience and a chance to try something new.

Why was the lunch schedule changed?

To understand the real reason why, the principal, Erik Arnold, was interviewed, “The lunch schedule was changed because we changed when advisories meet. Since advisories are spaced throughout multiple periods, we could no longer assign lunches based on grade level.” Other teachers in the high school also offered their opinions on why the lunch schedule was changed. “It was extremely difficult to come up with a schedule that would allow students to still have things like long pass and choice block” said Engineering teacher, Paula Wetmore. A reason brought up by Wetmore was to allow an extra choice block session to meet each week. This opinion that an extra choice block was part of the reason for the schedule change was shared by some of the students.

Many students who saw this new lunch schedule came up with crazy ideas on why it was. Some thought it was made to allow students to meet new people, while others thought that it was for the pure enjoyment of the staff. A few students were interviewed to see what they thought about the whole thing. Sophomore, Seth Henry, said that the new lunch schedule “likely changed to fit in more classes”. Like many others, Seth was very confused when he heard about the new change, especially where there were no emails or information sent out about it previously. Another perspective was that the change in the lunch schedule was to have enough room to accommodate the group of students with the new freshman. “One reason is because we didn’t have enough space,” said junior Jennifer Shultz. Some thought that the lunch schedule was edited to make more room for new classes such as an extra Choice Block, Physical Education, and Health. “I think the school changed the lunch schedule from last year so they could have more time for Physical Education and Choice Blocks” said Junior Spencer Royston. Senior Nicholas Kaffine, said something similar, “I think the school changed the lunch schedule from last year because of the new PE program.”

How Students Feel About It?

“I don’t think it is difficult to understand. Most schools have a similar way of scheduling lunches” explained Erik Arnold. It seems that there is some controversy over the new lunch schedule, people either find it really easy or difficult to understand. People who think the new lunch is easy, says this because people just need to get used to it. Spencer Royston thinks that “the lunch schedule is easy to understand”. Similarly, Spanish teacher, Jose Lopez says “Students will be confused no matter what but once they learn their schedule, everything works fine”.

A lot of students mentioned that what they didn’t like about the new lunch schedule was when they had second lunch. Junior, Nicholas Passarelli says, “I really don’t like it when I have second lunch and have to eat so late”. Likewise said by Freshman, Christian Boyle, “To me I don’t like the lunch schedule because the students who have 2nd lunch have to wait an extra hour and 10 minutes which is really unfair.” Others such as Junior, Patrick Savage thought that this was confusing the students to wrap their heads around. “I feel that the new lunch schedule can get very confusing at times and will lead to people showing up to their classes late because they had gone to the wrong lunch” explained Patrick. Wetmore explained something similar with students going to the wrong lunch. “A few students have shown up late for class, saying they went to first lunch by accident, so that definitely affects their learning because they have missed the initial instructions and need to be caught up” mentioned Wetmore. A lot of the new high schoolers at IACS who came from the middle school were expecting their lunch times to be very similar to what they were like before. Still, more freshman thought the improved lunchtime is is a good thing than the returning high schoolers, who are saying that it is confusing and complicated. All in all, the new lunch schedule is both a slight inconvenience, but also very necessary.


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