Playoffs Cease the Season

During the past ten weeks, the IACS Girl’s Soccer Team had a great season. As of October 21, the Hawks had 5 losses and 9 wins. This got them into the 2015 Fall soccer playoffs!

The Hawk’s first playoff game was played on Wednesday, November 3, against the Matignon High School.

The previous week the Hawks had lost to Matignon 4-0, but it had been a great game for how terrible the weather was. The girls let the weather get into their head. The playoff game against Matignon was thought of as a challenge, but manageable and possibly beatable.

Let the playoffs commence! On the day of the playoff game, the Hawks were ready for a win. During the game the weather had been beautiful, the sun out and not a cloud in the sky.

The team prepared for their game, with their game faces on and a good attitude. As the minutes counted from 5 minutes till start, both teams lined up at the half-line, to be introduced to the crowd. The name and the number of each girl was called to provide recognition of the players.

“What day is it? Game day!” the Hawks shouted, before taking their places on the field.

The Hawks started off strong, the offense and the defense, doing equally great. Matignon also started off pretty well, the Hawks knew this would be a challenging game.

As the first quarter continued, the Hawks were starting to slip. The players on the Hawks were not moving up the field enough to the offensive side and were not getting wide enough.

The Hawks did well enough to end the first quarter 0-0. During halftime, after a pep talk, the Hawks were ready to start the second half.

The Hawks started their second half strong as well, but this time it stayed that way. Matignon came back stronger, but so did the Hawks. During the second half, the team communicated  a lot, got up the field better, compressed widened, etc. It was a beautiful game of soccer. The Hawks played well, and had many great shots on goal, except Matignon’s goalie was prepared for them.

However, Senior Hannah Leedberg (a.k.a the ninja), the Hawks’ goalie, was just as prepared. Leedberg played an amazing game, using her ninja skills, to block Matignons’ shots on goal. The second half ended in a tie, still 0-0.

A playoff game cannot end in a tie, someone has to win. This is why the referees talked it out, and decided to end the game with Golden Goal. The Golden Goal is two ten minute halves, where the first team to get a goal wins the playoff game. Golden Goal began, and neither team was willing to lose the playoff game, based on the way they played. Both teams played smart and aggressive. Again, there was a few shots on goal, but both goalies prevented the shots from becoming a goal. This caused both halves of Golden Goal to end remain tied, 0-0.

Another decision needed to be made on how to end the playoff game. The referees finally decided to end the game in Penalty Kicks (PKs). For the PKs, each team had to decide on five players to take a PK and try to make a goal. If the goalie did not save the PK it was 1 point for the team. If the goalie saved the PK, neither team got a point. The players that had taken the PKs for the Hawks were Senior Chloe McIntosh, Junior Maria Frey, Sophomore Araceli Schmalz, Sophomore Emily Reed, and Freshman Sydney Malen. At the end of the PKs, Matignon had 3 goals and 1 miss, IACS had 2 goals and 3 misses.

So in the end, the Hawks lost the playoff game because of one PK shot. The PKs were nobody’s fault, the players who took the PKs were brave and did a great job. Also, Leedberg did a great job as goalie, trying to prevent most of the PKs from becoming a goal. It was just the luck of the shot and the luck of the goalie.

The Hawks did not win their playoff game, but they had played an amazing game of soccer during it. The team will hopefully continue to work hard and have a great comeback next year. Good Job, Hawks!

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