Students work diligently in the Second Semester. PHOTO BY ETHAN MCTEAGUE

New Semester Brings… New Stress?

As the new semester begins, students and teachers alike are beginning to feel the effects of new classes and modified lunch schedules.  Additionally, for seniors and their advisors, the Senior Project class brings new work requirements for the research-based project that takes the place of Presentations of Learning in the Spring.

In the final two weeks of the first semester, students found the workload in their classes to be overwhelming.  Senior Chelsea Smith was one of those students.  “It seemed like each class had a project, or a lot of homework due,” said Smith.  “I was very stressed.”  However, she says now that she does not feel many effects of the semester change, such as different lunch periods or different class times.


A common issue among seniors in the second semester of the school year is senioritis.  Senioritis is when, after seniors have been accepted into college and their first semester grades have been made official, some of those students lose interest in their school work and – as a result – their grades.  “I felt that at the end of the first semester,” Smith continued.  “So now, the beginning of the semester has me feeling like I don’t really want to do anything.”
Regardless of the stress felt now amongst students of the high school, that stress always changes and evolves throughout the semester.  But students will notice that, by the end of the semester, the things they initially found daunting are not so much so any more.

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