IACS Boys Basketball Take on Tournament

“It’s an incredible feeling,” said manager for the Boy’s Basketball Team Senior Jacob Vitali, discussing how it felt to make it to the tournament.

On February 30, the Boys Varsity Basketball Team qualified for the state tournament after beating Saint Mary’s High School, 50-36. The win raised their schedule to 10 wins and only 2 losses overall.

Sophomore Melvin Worley said, “making it to finals is actually a big deal for us and it’s a great opportunity for our school to finally get noticed for basketball”. Senior Zeandre Victor said something similar about making it to the tournament, “It’s a pretty good feeling [making it to the tournament] to say the least”.

The boys basketball team are very confident in their chances at the tournament this year, and there is an evident improvement in the team since last year.

“Everybody came in from a hot start from playing in a fall league. We went all the way to semi finals, so I think that the season gave us the confidence to play every team with the mindset of winners”.

Vitali stated some similar and different reasons as to how the boys VS basketball team has improved since last year. Vitali also mentioned the team playing basketball in the fall season, “We participated in a fall league together, which uncovered any rust we may have otherwise started the season with”.

Another reason brought up by Vitali was, “some of our new additions have helped out, guys who were on Junior Varsity (JV) last year, who have brought different skillsets and new energy”.

With the team’s great season record of 10-2, it’s safe to say that they have a pretty good chance at winning the state tournament.

“We are a high speed, which means we will play a team that isn’t as good as the other top teams in our division, and I feel that if we tweak some things and keep playing the war we’re playing we will win the finals”, said Worley about their chances at winning the tournament.

There are no tournament games scheduled now, but the tournament games are most likely to start during February break. “I truly believe that if we stay together, give it everything we’ve got, and never lose faith, we can beat any team,” concluded Vitali.

So when the state tournament begins, do not forget to go cheer on the boys VS basketball team. Go Hawks!


Date Opponent Score Overall Record
12/10/2015 Lunenberg 60-46 W 1-0
12/11/2015 Lowell Catholic 52-54 L 1-1
12/14/2015 Nashoba Tech 53-65 L 1-1
12/18/2015 Sizer School 58-38 W 2-1
12/21/2015 Marian High 68-57 W 3-1
1/4/2016 Marian High 63-48 W 4-1
1/9/2016 Parker Charter 64-55 W 5-1
1/12/2016 Saint Mary’s 77-48 W 6-1
1/19/2016 Mystic Valley 45-68 L 6-2
1/23/2016 NDA Lawrence 62-59 W 7-2
1/25/2016 Matignon 61-54 W 8-2
1/27/2016 Sizer School 56-48 W 9-2
1/28/2016 Saint Mary’s 50-36 W 10-2
2/4/2016 Weston High
2/5/2016 NDA Lawrence
2/6/2016 Parker Charter
2/8/2016 Mystic Valley
2/11/2016 Nashoba Tech
2/19/2016 PMA
2/20/2016 South Lancaster


Table of boys VS basketball records

*Nashoba Tech was a scrimmage, therefore the loss does not affect the basketball team’s overall record

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