IACS campus sees more snow, months after Spring was supposed to begin. PHOTO BY ETHAN MCTEAGUE

Snow… in April???

Students were shocked and upset at the amount of snow we received on Monday March 21, but they were positively frozen waking up two weeks later to heavy snowfall on Monday April 4. To many students’ dismay, we would be going to school as planned. As much as we all wished this was another April Fool’s joke, the snowfall wasn’t funny anymore: a white blanket covered IACS, leaving students to haughtily accept their fates.

Getting around the snow-covered parking lot was a pain for many student drivers: “I’m pretty annoyed with getting snow this late.  It makes getting around outside a pain in the neck,” says Sarah Brassil ’16. The continuing snowfall sparked an increase of early student dismissals, as well as the cancellation of many after-school activities. IACS students also felt the impact of the unusual timing of this precipitation at home, as Senior Emily Gibbs explains. “I hate snow, and the fact that I had to go outside and shovel in April was really disappointing.” 

Let’s just hope the snow will melt quickly so we can get back to April showers and May flowers.

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