Talented Art Students Selected for Program

On June 10 and 11, budding artists Chelsea Costa ‘17 and Allison DiGesse ‘17 will be representing IACS in the 2016 Massachusetts Art Education Association All-State Program. These two students were the product of an extensive selection process, beginning with a school wide competition to choose the two IACS candidates.

Art teachers Zachary Pelham and Scott Barry asked each student to submit a self-portrait so they could determine who to send. Additionally, among the large pool of applicants, the IACS candidates had to be selected. Costa described the importance of a collaborative spirit in being selected for this program. “They wanted to hear that we worked well in teams, because that’s what the All-State program is. We have to work with a bunch of actual artists and collaborate to make these big pieces over the course of two days.”

Costa is incredibly excited to be selected for this program. “It’s one thing to work with a group of 5 or 6 kids who are honors art kids, but to be in a group of 145 art students and also work with the mentoring artists, it’s really exciting. It’s an experience that’s gonna prepare me for college. Art is very individual, it’s about how you feel and what you choose to express. Not often do you have to actually work with others and make a collaborative piece.”

With such an advanced opportunity, Costa reiterates the importance of self-confidence in being an artist. “You don’t need a ton of raw natural talent, I never felt that I had the natural skill. You can learn to draw, you can learn to be an  artist, you can push yourself. Especially with art, there is no stopping point. You can always get better.”

If you see either Allison DiGesse or Chelsea Costa in the halls, be sure to congratulate them on this exciting opportunity!

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