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X2 Notifications- Electronic Distraction or Helpful Tool?

IACS’s recent decision to disable the notifications for the X2 mobile app was due to the “number of electronic distractions that our students deal with throughout the day.” I believe that the notifications from the X2 actually decreases electronic distractions.

I started using the X2 app in my sophomore year at IACS. I have felt that the notifications led to a decrease in my use of X2. I didn’t have to constantly check X2 to see what the status of my grades because I would know whether or not something changed by whether or not I got a notification.

I have heard teachers complain about the notifications for entirely different reasons. One of the main complaints that I have heard has been that right when you put in a grade, someone’s phone buzz. If the teacher were to make a mistake and input the grade of another student or mistyped something and fix it quickly the student would see both grades that were input.

If the teacher didn’t fix a mistake very quickly, the student might send the teacher an email inquiring about the grade. It may not seem like a big deal to get an email every now and then but when you add the multiple classes and many students in each class, if they get one email from a mistake each time they grade on top of all of the emails they get from students who are concerned about the grade because they earned a bad grade, cutting down one email every grading cycle would be beneficial.

I don’t believe that the true reason for disabling X2 notification was to decrease the number of electronic distractions that students have during classes. I believe that the decision was motivated by uncomfortable with students getting real time updates on their grades. I don’t think that it is reasonable for them to want to keep the grades slightly more private.

If IACS is going to give us a reason for why they are disabling the notifications on the X2 app, I just wish they would give us a real reason.

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