Endersession: Friends, Finances or Fun?

For endersession, would you rather be with friends, spend the least amount of money, or just have fun no matter the cost or crowd?

Over the years, endsersession has been a hot topic in the school. Back in January, Students new and old were either excited for the events, or nervous about if they will be with their friends or not. It seems as though students have the same attitude today. Some teachers in the High School had planned events from rock climbing to broadway shows in New York, to even going to other countries like the Dominican Republic or Quebec, Canada. With all these options, how could one not be excited for the week-long events? Well, there are a few factors that impacted students’ decisions.

While endersession has fun things planned, there are a few problems that most students have when choosing an event. If a student wants to go to Quebec for example, they will either want a friend or two to go with them, or it will cost too much for them to actually go.

“I care about both, but I care mostly about having fun on the trip.” says Freshman, Thea Fennell. She says that she picked the trips below $1,000, and the prices are not too high for her parents. Meaning, her parents are willing to pay a few hundred dollars just to let Thea go to another state/country. After being asked if she will travel on these trips in the future, she responded by saying, “It depends on whether my parents have the money at the time. If they don’t have the money within sign-up time, I theoretically wouldn’t be able to go.”

“The key to a great Endersession is an interesting trip and having good friends. Having said that, it is possible to make friends on an exciting Endersession, or with close friends you can be happy doing anything.” said Junior Spencer Royston. When asked about finances and how they affect him, Spencer replied with, “My family has set up the agreement that I will pay half of the endersession’s price, which means that I’m thinking about the finance piece but it’s not a huge impediment. Teachers generally try their best to keep their cost down, but some trips are more ambitious than others.

Dr. Arnold, being one of the “brains” behind Endersession, was asked about finances and why some trips are so expensive. Plane tickets, hotel rooms, and meals are the biggest expenses for any trip. There were a few costly trips proposed, but some of them will not run if there are not enough students that are interested. We always try to have a good mix of Endersession trips in all price ranges.” After that, he was asked about if he may change the price of any currently expensive trips. “Students can apply for financial aid, but we don’t control the price of a trip. The price is based on estimates from the staff that are organizing the endersession course.”

High School Art Teacher Zachary Pelham is running a free endersession was interviewed about finances, and he had an interesting reply. “It’s important to have a balance of fun events that cost money, and events that are free. This is so everyone can have fun, no matter what cost. It’s simply a sense of balance.”


Mr. Pelham has done an endersession that cost money before. This was exploring art museums, but admission was only $20 per person. When asked about students that sign up for free projects just to ditch the entire week, he responded by saying, “I have not personally had that problem, and I do not believe that is a pervasive problem. Endersession participation is just like choice block participation, in that if a student is misbehaving, not participating, or leaving class inappropriately they would face consequences. Likewise, if someone signed up for a free endersession, and then skipped school, they would face the same consequences of skipping school any day of the year.”
Freshman student Marisa Fertitta is doing endersession for the first time, and was asked about her reaction to the high prices for trips to Canada and other countries. “I understand that plane tickets and hotel rooms can very pricey, but there are lots of trips that the school offers that I would love to go on but don’t have the money to go on until senior year.” After that, she was asked if the high prices limit her options. “I think that high prices are definitely part of the problem, but there is also the fact that there wasn’t really any option pertaining to my interests. I noticed there weren’t all that many sports options, and I found that odd considering a lot of students at the school participate in sports and lots of people would sign up for sports options.” Finally, she was asked about considering the free events a few of the teachers have planned. “I avoided the free events because they’re just not activities that I’m interested in. If there were free options with things I like to do, I would’ve struck gold.”

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