Did you hear that Will and Spencer are wearing the same tux to prom? I can’t believe it! Will got his first and Spencer won’t return his. The nerve!

Guys should really start being more like the girls in relation to prom. Why don’t they start a @iacs.tux.16 account so this problem never happens again? On the account they could get people to vote on who wears his suit the best. They could win a gift card for The Art of Shaving. Wouldn’t that be great? You could see who is the most popular!
It would also really help them to start competing on who has the best tux. Isn’t a little friendly competition on who looks the best in their tux healthy? It’s just not as fun without it!
Right now there is no pressure to find the perfect tux. Guys really need to be more competitive like girls. They almost don’t care how they look. They should fix this. They should really be looking at the other guys and comparing themselves to them. They should want to have the best tux, the best hair, even the best bow tie!
With the account guys could then see who they’re true friends are. When they get their picture posted if they have no likes then obviously they have no friends and they’re ugly. This could really help them on finding out if they need to work on their appearance.
When the voting for the gift card starts they could also figure out if they need a new tux.! It would save them the embarrassment of wearing “the wrong” tux to prom.
What better way is there to figure out if your tux looks ok on you than by sharing it with a bunch of other critical high schooler boys? Their opinion obviously are the most important ones. It doesn’t matter how one feels in his suit. The others really define how it looks on him.

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