Letter to the Editor: To the Editor: Re “IACS Graveyard” in Minivator V2E1

To the Editor: Re “IACS Graveyard” in Minivator V2E1 

This is to bring to your attention in inaccuracy and inflation of the cartoon you ran in the Minivator on 9/23.

In your piece you referred to the appointment of the present Student Government Co-Presidents. As representatives of the school newspaper we would like to remind you that as journalist your first obligation is to the truth.  As a newspaper and as an editor good journalism depends on people having reliable, accurate facts put in a meaningful context. (quote from the American Press Institute). This piece demonstrated none of the good judgement the school should expect from a reputable newspaper. The purpose of pieces should not be to ridicule or belittle others, as so to cause personal offense, as this is in direct opposition to the core values of the school.

The fact remains that only two students were civic minded enough to put themselves forward for the positions and that is the reason why there were no elections.  This is an uncontested election. In politics, balloting is not necessary in times of a contested election as the  ‘law does not require idle acts nor does it favor form over substance’. (Civ. Code §3532; Civ. Code §3528; Letitia V. v. Superior Court (2000) 81 Cal.App.4th 1009, 1016.) Moreover, Civil Code §5100(a) requires balloting only if an election requires a vote. If the election is uncontested, there is no need for a vote. The purpose of secret balloting is to protect voting privacy in contested elections not uncontested elections.

We in Student Government are as frustrated as other members of the student body that members of the school do not feel a sense of duty, as citizens of the school, to put themselves forward for the positions in Student Government. Perhaps a more appropriate piece would have been to call into question why such apathy exists in the school.  So, then to run such a piece, which through satire and implication, degrades the hard work and diligence which these students put in this role is unfair and also shows a lack of gratitude or understanding to the amount of work it takes on the part of the student to undertake these roles. Since it is clear that the school newspaper does not fully understand the role and the work which Student Government completes then we would invite you to spend time with us in order so you can write more accurate and balanced articles in the future.

Mrs. Barnes

Student Government Faculty Advisor, on behalf of Student Government


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