Response to Letter to the editor: “IACS Graveyard” in Minivator V2E1

Re: Letter to the editor: “IACS Graveyard” in Minivator V2E1

The Minivator staff strives to produce a lighthearted and entertaining publication. We also pride ourselves on the accuracy of our information, as well as being able to be critical but in a satirical fashion. As a staff, we regret the way the gravestone about Student Government was received.

We do stand by the wording of our gravestone “Voting for Student Government President: Goodbye choice of representation” as those words are true. This year, students did not vote for any elected student government officials. Starting last year, the only office students voted for was the president, and in the case of this year, only two students put themselves forward as president, and therefore there was no vote.

However, the graveyard implied it was gone forever the way G block and the microwave were, when in fact the choice of representation is not dead at IACS, only on hold.

This year, the president was announced in morning announcements and in a video shown to advisories, which surprised many students, something the Minivator was highlighting in satirical form. There was no intention to undermine the presidents, Alexander Girouard and Mary O’Flaherty.

As a student-run organization ourselves, we know fully the amount of hard work and dedication that gets put into the work student government does, making a change and difference in our community. We never meant to degrade or belittle the work they do.

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