The Arts at IACS

Innovation Academy has never been your typical high school. Students from any other school wouldn’t be able to tell you what a Presentation of Learning even is, let alone how it connects to the four outcomes.

IACS has gained the reputation of being a more arts oriented school, likely because the school is missing the football team that is apparently so quintessential to the high school experience. But even the arts at IACS are lacking the support they deserve. Student art is displayed in the halls, but most students don’t give it more than a passing glance as they travel between classes. The IACS Drama Program puts on three shows a year, but the 200 seats in the auditorium are rarely filled. The winter concerts for Chorale and Instrumental Ensemble are filled with distracted students who wish they were at lunch. Even student-run groups like the Lads Lavatory Choir and Lecture Hall Live, which are beloved within the IACS community, are lacking the recognition they deserve.

The Innovator believes that students and their achievements should be recognized and celebrated — whether those achievements are within arts, sports, or both. The school’s sports teams always have space for students to come cheer them on. If the ticket prices scare people away from drama program performances, students can get discounted tickets if they order early. Forced assembly’s are nobody’s favorite, but a positive and respectful attitude means a lot to the performers who have been working hard all semester. There is no perfect solution, but a little effort and an open mind could go a long way.

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