Students Support Extra Help Blocks

On the 10th of December, IACS high school students were able to spend their time in school getting extra help from teachers they would normally have to stay after for.
The general high school population was informed of the extra help block in the IACS Hawk by Head of School Greg Orpen, about a month beforehand. He wrote, “We all recognize how busy and stressful the lives of teenagers can be at times and our hope is that this additional support can provide some small relief for our students.”
The two extra help blocks — which were each 40 minutes long — were scheduled right after long pass. The first three classes on Tuesday (C Block, E Block, and F Block) were all shortened to 50 minutes. Students signed up for two 40-minute periods, which they could spend doing work by themselves or in groups, meeting with a teacher for help, or participating in restorative yoga. Seniors could also spend their time off campus, if they were allowed Senior privileges.
“I felt like with an extra help day, the overall theme is that people are feeling behind, and sometimes stress can get in the way of clear thinking, and restorative yoga can really help to calm the amygdala,” said Yoga Teacher Donna Harrington, who hosted the Restorative Yoga blocks for students. “The thinking was that, there are some kids who can’t stay after for extra help. So I think the school was trying to address the fact that not all kids are available or can get a ride.”
Teachers weren’t the only ones who felt that the block helped. Junior Caitlyn Pennie said, “I liked it because I could always use more time to get homework done. …I think the school should continue having these blocks.”
After the success of the first extra help day, another extra help blocks was scheduled for Thursday, January 9th.
These periodic extra help days seem to be welcomed by the majority of the IACS community.

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