Painting and Jazz with IACS Seniors

On Friday afternoon, about 20 IACS seniors gathered on the middle school patio to paint and listen to music.

Canvases, vinyl records, and watercolor paper were provided along with paint and brushes, with many students opting to paint records. The tables were distanced from each other, allowing students to socialize safely. Senior Zachary D’Orto said that the event “was great and the music was good.” He added that he would attend an event like this again.

There was live music being performed by Red House Collective, a band that features Andrew Shapiro on keyboard, Tom Bojsen on bass, and Tyler Donkoh-Halm on drums. They played original tunes and arrangements, with Everly Orfanedes making a brief appearance. 

The event was organized by senior Alex Merkel, who said that the idea came to him from the Senior Event Interest Form sent out to seniors by Student Government. Merkel said, “I just felt like painting, so I emailed [the school] asking if it was cool… I talked to Mr. Barry about paint and supplies.”

Merkel added, “It’s getting cold soon and I wanted to get people together before we can’t anymore because of the cold.”

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