Innovation’s New Students in Online School

Many students new to IACS this year still have yet to set foot in the school building.

IACS has been completely remote in learning since September, with the exception of select students who go on campus to learn. Doing school online, for freshmen especially, makes for an especially unusual introduction to high school.

Due to remote learning, many of these new students have likely not had enough time to speak with their teachers in real life as the outdoor orientation was fairly quick. Zoom classes don’t offer much opportunity for socialization with other students as well, outside of certain activities put in place like breakout rooms. 

“I didn’t really know anyone at first,” Leo Lovell, a freshman new to the school, explained. “It’s kind of a slower pace to get to know people now.” 

Although the regular extrovert might be distraught with this news, another freshman Manaiya Mella finds it much more comfortable to be on the Zoom calls for her first few months at IACS.

“I feel a lot safer getting to know people online, it’s a lot less tense being on the calls.” Mella said. She also expressed her excitement in switching to hybrid learning in January, as she would rather start school then instead of beginning an in-person year without knowing anyone. 

“Now that I’ve made some bonds with people online, I’m very excited to go back.”

While Mella may be overjoyed to go to school and finally meet her online friends in person, Lovell expresses his enthusiasm for different reasons. 

“I’ve really missed having a structured schedule and routine,” he said. “It’s going to be nice to actually have to do things like get ready for school in the morning.”

With the hybrid model planning to start in less than a week, students who choose will be able to go to in-person classes at least twice a week. This is very exciting, especially to new students who may not have been to regular school since last March. 

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