The Transition to Hybrid at IACS

After almost 3 months of implementing the hybrid model at Innovation, the students have adapted extremely well to this new way of learning.

Academically, a number of students have noticed a positive change in their grades as they begin to find some structure at in-person classes. 

“Being in school is really helpful,” says senior Kathryn Baird, who goes in on Monday and Tuesday. “It’s way easier to focus in the school environment where I have less distractions.”

“There’s a sense of structure with being in the school building that you don’t get at home by yourself,” Georgia Row, another senior who attends in-person on Monday and Tuesday, explains.

However, some classes are easier in-person than others. Many teachers at IACS are continuing to teach from home for the hybrid model, and it is likely that several of them will remain at home for the rest of the year. 

Freshman Alex Szathmary, who goes to school on Thursdays and Fridays, had several teachers who taught from home last semester. 

“When I had teachers who stayed online, the class didn’t really pay attention because the teacher wasn’t in the room,” she says. 

Row expresses a similar situation with Zoom calls in in-person school. “I have trouble learning on a call. I like it when the teacher is there to ask questions and show them my work,” she says. “But, I do understand that this isn’t always an option for every teacher.”

Lots of students have been choosing to stay online full-time as well, so how does this affect their relationships with their friends in-person? 

“It’s definitely been rough not seeing a lot of people,” Row admits. She has been keeping in touch with her friends using apps like Discord, and online games and calls. “This is the first time a real friendship can have technical difficulties.”

Things are looking up for friendships, though, with the quickly approaching integration of a full-time in-person schedule. 

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been at school normally,” Szathmary says. “I think it’s going to be good for all of us to get out of the house and off our computers all the time.”

Baird expresses a similar sentiment, and agrees that it would be extremely helpful academically. “I really like the flexibility hybrid has, though, so it would be a tough decision.” she adds.

There are also students choosing to stay in the hybrid model or even completely online after April break. Just like their teachers, it isn’t always an option for everyone. 

However, IACS students who are able to go back full time seem to be excited for this new shift to take place.

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