What Happened to Half of the Girls Bathroom?

The first floor girl’s bathroom has been split in half to accommodate a bathroom in the health office.

Having a bathroom connected to the health office is important for students’ health, safety, and privacy. “We have students who need them for medical reasons, and so to have that student who needs medical support in the bathroom go to another bathroom would take the nurse out of the health office,” said Nurse Alison Cambridge. She went on to explain that there are students who may need to use assistive devices in the bathroom that the main bathroom did not properly accommodate for. “This will allow for more privacy and use of assistive devices in the bathroom,” Cambridge said. 

“It’s been a long time coming. It’s just something that every health office really, ideally, should have, so it’s awesome to have it for a lot of reasons” said IACS Director of Health and Wellness, Gayle Nutile-Pimm. “If a student isn’t feeling well, we don’t want to send them to the bathroom and not be able to monitor them.”

Students walking into the first floor girls bathroom for the first time in a year were greeted with the surprise of a wall much closer than they were expecting, but they can be rest assured that a smaller bathroom for them allows for greater accessibility and privacy for others. 

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