Celebrating Nations Day at IACS

Friday, March 25 was Nation’s Day at IACS! This event was organized by the Students of Color Affinity group to celebrate the diverse backgrounds of the students at IACS. Flags were hung up in the auditorium hallway, with 100 countries represented. Students were encouraged to wear “anything from their country’s football jersey to party outfits,” to share their culture with other students at the school.

Photos by Jesena Kalabokis

Senior Anagha Babu represented her Indian culture wearing a kurta with linen pants. It is a casual, everyday outfit worn in many regions of South Asia. 

In a reaction to Nations Day, Babu said, “I’m a little disappointed that not more people dressed up, but hopefully more people in the future will hear more about it and care about it, because I think it will be a nice way to share with each other our different cultures. It makes me very happy to see people wearing their traditional clothing!”

Senior Anagha Babu wearing a kurta

Hopefully each new Nations Day will bring more cultures and identities shared with the IACS community.

Happy Nations Day!


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