IACS Continues Principal Search

After last year’s departure of Dr. Arnold, IACS’ former principal of 7 years, a permanent replacement still has not been found..
Our current leader, Mr. Pereyra is still interim but there are still a few unanswered questions surrounding him and the position.
According to Greg Orpen, head of school, the search process is due to start up again around Thanksgiving of this year with a call being posted for applicants. The process is going to be relatively similar to last time, with just a few changes in the exact details. Applicants will most likely be interviewed and visiting campus from late December through early January. The whole ordeal of finding a new principal is very tricky, but worth it.
How exactly did Mr. Pereyra come to be in charge this year? Last year, a committee of faculty was assembled to find and sort through the potential suitors. They first started the hunt in February but couldn’t find a good fit. With COVID restrictions still in place, they conducted zoom interviews for the initial screening of applicants. After these interviews two finalists were brought to our lovely campus and questioned further by school faculty, a student panel, and a board of parents of students. In the end, it was decided the one person who didn’t even apply would be best suited for the job. Mr. Pereyra was asked to take over as interim; he graciously accepted.
He is planning on reapplying for a permanent position when the time comes.

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