What’s Up With The Library?

Mornings in the IACS library have chilled out with the addition of many new ways for students to relax.
Each day before school hours, sutdents can be found working, reading, or socializing quietly in the library to the relaxing background noise of an episode of Phineas and Ferb. A table full of supplies sits near the entrance of the library, including fidgets, colored pencils, markers, paper, and of course, books.
Mrs. Spence, the librarian, can be credited with the new updates. Her goal was for students to have a space to work on their own projects as well as just chill before the chaos of the school day begins. “We had some 5th graders who get here early on the bus, so this gives them a space to just hang out, and instead of just doing homework they can also sit and watch a show or listen to music.”
Though originally put into place for the younger students, kids in all grades have been benefiting from a calm place to work. Mrs. Spence herself also comments on having a good workspace: “It’s what I like too, since of course I’m here all day so I want to be in a comfortable space.”
In addition, IACS will also be welcoming the Library of Things. Students will be able to take home different items like a sewing machine, crafting materials, musical instruments, and DVDs to use independently or with family and friends. “I hope that it will become a program where people can bring home different things to use either independently or share with their families and friends.” Mrs. Spence says.
Ms. Cynar has also created a collection of books available in the library called Cooking up Community. This selection resides in room 246 and you can view the full collection on the IACS website. Most of the library’s books come from donations , but sometimes books are requested by students and Ms. Spence is happy to oblige.
If you’re having a stressful morning, a free block, or just need somewhere to chill, don’t be afraid to stop by! Just keep your voice down—it is a library after all.

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