• Students Field Trip to Salem, MA
    On October 18th, the two Literature of Terror classes were lucky enough to make the 45 minute trip to the […]
  • Letter to the Editor: Why I Like Flex Block
    Before Flex Block, IACS did not have a time built into the school day specifically for extra help. Now, with […]
  • What’s Up With The Library?
    Mornings in the IACS library have chilled out with the addition of many new ways for students to relax.Each day […]
  • IACS Continues Principal Search
    After last year’s departure of Dr. Arnold, IACS’ former principal of 7 years, a permanent replacement still has not been […]
  • Students Alarmed by Triple Evacuation
    IACS students arriving at school on Monday October 3 were met with a surprising sight: their fellow classmates evacuating the […]

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