• Halloween at Innovation
    This Friday, the IACS community was invited to wear Halloween costumes to school. Students and teachers alike showed up in their best spooky (and silly) outfits!
  • Soup for Good
    The savory aroma of soup can be smelled while passing by the Garden and Cooking Club choice block on Fridays. […]
  • IACS’ New Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director Shantelle Castle will work with students and staff school-wide as well as individually to find […]
  • Meet the New IACS Student Government Leaders

    Student government co-presidents Drew Picard and Elea Zegdoun laid out their plans for the coming school year, focusing mainly on rebuilding our school community post pandemic, and taking on an active role in fostering a more diverse and inclusive IACS community.

    As their first priority, the co-presidents shared that they wanted to rebuild the sense of community at IACS that was so severely harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “As a freshman, I knew every single highschooler,” Zegdoun commented. “[I knew] all of the seniors, all of the juniors, all of the sophomores, and all of my freshman class, but now as a senior, I don’t know any of the freshmen or any of the sophomores because we lost that sense of community so bad that year.” 

  • COVID-19 Testing Program at IACS

    IACS students will soon be able to get COVID-19 tested at school through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s COVID-19 Testing Program. 

    Three different types of testing will be provided: pool testing, symptomatic testing, and the “Test and Stay” program. Pool testing will occur once a week, where shallow nasal swab samples from multiple students are collected at school and put into a single tube for testing. Symptomatic testing will occur when individuals present symptoms at school (DESE notes that individuals should not go to school if experiencing symptoms while at home). The Test and Stay program is for close contact testing, where tests will be administered daily from the first day of exposure for at least five days, allowing close contacts to stay in school if their test results are negative for COVID-19.

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